A Few Countries Can Claim To have The Best Coffee Beans

The best cup of coffee that you will have ever tasted is a lot like the best glass of wine; it has been grown in the right place, in the right soil and has the correct conditions for its growth.

Most people know that it is countries like Brazil that supply the world with the best coffee beans it has the regular sunshine and rain for the optimum growth of coffee beans. However, coffee beans were first discovered in Ethiopia before spreading to other countries.

70 Coffee Bean Growing Countries

In fact, from among the seventy odd coffee bean producing countries in the world, only a few have the proper climate and ground in which to grow the best coffee beans.

A Third of all Coffee Production

Brazil produces almost a third of all coffee, followed by Columbia where roasts are the most well known type of coffee beans. Other well-known coffee bean growing countries are Indonesia and Mexico.

Coffee grown in these countries has a very different taste and so, Mexican coffee can also be considered as being among the best coffee, though only because of the different taste those beans provide.

Another factor that governs the quality of coffee beans is the altitude where they are grown, best coffee beans are usually produced in high lying areas. In Brazil, the production of coffee beans is ordered, it is a industry which is responsible for the employment of a large labor force.

In Columbia has plenty of coffee bean growing areas at higher altitudes. They are known to be a country that produces some of best coffee beans. This is sometimes overshadowed because of the countries poor economy. This makes it harder to get the beans from their growing areas to processing plants.

Another lesser known area for coffee beans is Hawaii. The quantity grown may be on the small side but weather and soil conditions are excellent. The plants are known to flourish in volcanic ash soil, where a hot sun is combined with frequent showers, creating ideal growing conditions.

Hawaiian coffee beans are considered one of the best coffee beans grown.

Indonesia grows one of best coffee beans due to its humid and balmy climate. The technology used in growing coffee beans is advanced, which is why coffee beans grown in places such as Java are being exported to the rest of the world enjoy a very high reputation.

I guess when it comes down to who really does produce the best coffee beans, its really a matter of the enjoyment of the end user. Thank you Starbucks for expanding our world!

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