The Reasons Why Kona Coffee Is The Number One Choice

Coffea Arabica is the true name for Kona coffee. The Kona coffee is the brand name of which this kind of coffee comes under. It is very limited in production which is why it is such a looked for rarity. Only the coffee that has been produced under the Kona conditions and made in Hawaii at the North Kona Districts.

The history of kona coffee began in 1828, this is when the tree’s were brought over to the Kona districts by a man called reverend Samuel Ruggles, the trees were brought over because of the way they looked and because of their aesthetic appearance, not for the production initially. It was only when the quality of the beans was discovered that more trees were planted as the environment that Kona provided the trees meant that the best quality in coffee could be produced.

You should be aware that some people sell a coffee which is called a Kona blend. The reason why this is not the true Kona coffee is because it only contains 10% of the original Kona brand where as the actual Kona coffee is made totally from the Kona produce. When looking to buy kona coffee you must ensure.

The Kona coffee is sold under different grades depending on the quality and quantity of the Kona brand included in the product.

Also available are gift packs for people who know the difference between a good coffee and a great one, the recipient will be pleased to receive such a diamond in terms of the coffee market and will know that they are appreciated and that you have gone all out to give them the best.

You can also get the beans as a chocolate covered treat which are a great present to give or receive on any occasion.

Attention to detail is always paid when choosing which of the coffee beans will go in to make the coffee you expect, this involves hand picking the fruit and any one that does not make the grade will not make the Kona coffee packets and will definitely not make your cup. Prefer the subtle hint of creme brule, however this has not been done so that the lesser quality beans can be sneaked into the coffee. This only adds to the flavor and the content of the coffee is still Kona, 100% as you would expect.

Also available are the Kona coffee versions that have a little something extra, you may want your coffee to have a vanilla undertone to it, or you may

The best Kona coffee comes from beans that have only been roasted after ordering, this in turn will give you the fresh full flavor you would expect from this brand.

You may have been wondering beforehand why you should pay extra for your coffee, but anyone who can tell the difference of what makes a good cup will be able to tell you that the extra money you will spend is definitely worth it, and once you have tried the best you won’t want to go back to the rest.

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