The Dark And Robust Journey Of Coffee

If you are currently kicking back and sipping your morning coffee, you may be wondering exactly where it comes from… Coffee itself has a delicious and decadent history with many twists and turns, so you may be interested to find out how your Java came to be!

Coffee is potentially the most popular drink in America, and even more so, since it has lately been proven to have a high amount of antioxidants when it is consumed regularly for health purposes. Drinking coffee on a regular basis will also provide energy and focus for your day-to-day life, which is precisely why it is such a popularly consumed beverage in the United States, as well as worldwide. Likewise, the coffee machine has a long history to bring it to where it is today, making it an affordable and convenient option for home use.

Coffee was rumored to have been discovered in Ethiopia by a goat herder who observed his goats having increased energy after eating coffee berries. From there, coffee consumption spread to neighboring countries, including Egypt and Arabia. The first preparation of roasted coffee beans as a beverage with boiling water was said to have begun in Arabia. At that time, coffee was also considered a type of wine, and it was used for barter and trade. It was fermented similar to the way that grapes are fermented for wine, and it also was consumed for warmth, energy, and taste.

The first coffee maker was invented in 1818, and it has been constantly modified since that time by coffee fans everywhere. Interestingly enough, the coffee machine has as many patents from women as from men, which is something that was almost unheard of during that time period. Throughout the years, the coffee machine has become a convenient and dependable product for home use. The first filter coffee machines were invented in the 1960s, and there have been many technological improvements since that time. Coffee makers are now also produced by many different manufacturers, like Krups, Mr. Coffee, Delonghi, and Kitchenaid, just to name a few.

Espresso is another popular drink, similar to coffee, and the first espresso machine was said to have been created in 1901 by Lugia Bezzer. This man was looking for a faster way to speed up the time that his employees spent on their coffee breaks, so he used more pressure in the brewing process to create a concentrated shot of coffee. This was originally called “The Fast Coffee Machine”, and it was patented in 1905. From there, the new creator of the espresso machine, Desidero Pavoni, used a piston pump to push water through a tube for a better espresso product.

As you can see, coffee and espresso have come a long way, and we can appreciate all of the advanced technology behind our daily brew! Coffee and espresso machines are more popular than ever for home use, and they are becoming increasingly affordable and convenient for everyday brewing.

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