Starbucks Coffee vs. Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee remains one of the most popular beverages in the country. It’s a regular part of the day for millions of people, and it’s the first thing some people look for right after they wake up. An ample stimulant, it gets people going when they need it most.

Two of the most popular brands in the nation are Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. In bigger cities, you can’t go a few blocks without seeing one of the two and there are branches of each present in both towns as well.

There are those who claim that Dunkin Donuts is better, and they’re fiercely loyal to the brand. Others feel just the same way about Starbucks. Which is the better option of the two? Let’s have a look.

We’re going to look at Starbucks first here. They say that Starbucks could one day outnumber McDonald’s in terms of locations, which goes to show the strength of the brand. Aside from their coffee, they’ve branched out to various foods and other drinks.

Still, coffee is the brand’s strength and people pile up in droves to drink it. The biggest benefit to Starbucks coffee over Dunkin Donuts is the fact that their coffee packs more caffeine in it. If you’re looking for a big kick, this is the way to go.

Dunkin Donuts, on the other hand, offers less caffeine in its drinks. Some people prefer this, as they claim that Starbucks is simply too strong for them. People also seem to like the fact that Dunkin Donuts offers bigger cups of coffee for the same price.

So you get more for your money at Dunkin Donuts. Additionally, you’ll have more flavors to choose from. Between offerings like blueberry, caramel, coconut flavored coffee and more, Dunkin Donuts has a wider selection in the flavor department.

So, who wins the coffee war between Dunkin and Starbucks? It seems that Dunkin Donuts wins in blind taste tests according to some studies, but it really all comes down to a matter of personal preference in the end.

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