Coffee Syrup: Is It A Liquid Wonder?

Coffee syrup has no nutritional benefit, not one I could find in my vast online investigations. In fact when researching this product, what I could find is a simple corn syrup, plus Flavoring recipe. Therefore, my next step was to see how simple this really was. I took simple household corn syrup, and then added some almond extract to it.

Then I slowly mixed this concoction to my hot coffee. I found that yes this worked. I had made my own coffee syrup. It mixed perfectly, no floating to the bottom of the cup, and it did not change the consistency of the beverage. I then started shopping, to see how much these liquid bottles of gold cost in the store. To my amazement, people can pay anywhere from $ 7.99 and upwards depending on the size and brand.

My homemade coffee syrup cost less then .10cents to make. I could make any flavor that I wanted; all that I needed was some creativity, and very little money to buy the extract to add for flavor. I ha d just discovered a way to save myself a lot of money.

Thirty-One Flavors In My Own Home

I invited several coffee loving friends to my house for a coffee syrup party, unbeknownst to them. I started by seating everyone comfortably. Then I did a small poll around the room, having each person write down how they liked their coffee, where they bought their usual cup from, and about how much they spent per cup.

With many raised eyebrows, they began to write. Next, I had everyone write down his or her favorite desserts. Again, with questioning looks they finished this task. I was happy to see that everyone liked coffee syrup flavoring in his or her coffees.

The next not so surprising fact I was able to deduce was that each person was spending about $ 5.00 a cup to get his or her favorite flavor. I happily got started with my already made coffee in the cups. I added my homemade flavors to each of the cups, and then carrying them out on trays, I distributed these cups of joy to each friend.

Many oohs and aahs were emitting from everyone. They were complementing me, saying that the coffee was wonderful. The next barrage of questions was what brand of coffee syrups I had used. With a smile, I let them know what my experiment was. With my non-believing crowd at me heels, I went into my kitchen and repeated the methods I had used to make the previous cups for them.

After a slow taste testing, a few people laughed, some were angered that they were spending so much on their daily fixes; others said it was nice to know but in a hurry, they would probably continue to spend the extra money to get their quick cup. Maybe after reading this article you will come to the same realization I did, or maybe you will go on spending the extra money, just to save a little more time. It is up to you, me personally, I am not the house of thirty-plus flavors.

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