Coffee Beans – On Different Types and Blends

What is the first thing that you need in the morning? What do you look for when you are exhausted from your daily tasks? What refreshes you during your exam preparation?

Obviously, it is coffee.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. People in different parts of the planet consume coffee in various forms in their daily life. Some people are even addicted to it. A full cup of piping hot coffee is enough to make your day. And when you have proper knowledge about various types of coffee beans, it gets much easier to brew the perfect cup at any time of the day.

Let’s take a brief look at some distinct varieties of coffee beans that are most prevalent amongst its consumers

Two of the most common and most popular coffees beans in the world are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is highly favored among all the types available and it is grown in various regions of the world. But its flavor varies significantly depending upon the region where it was cultivated. Some of the factors that contribute to the flavor are temperature, quality of soil, local foliage and other contributing natural factors. They create a lot of impact on the end flavor of Arabica. The most popular Arabica coffee beans are the ones that are grown in regions across Columbia. They are dark in texture and have a very bold taste.

Likewise, Robusta is also planted in various countries across the world but its most famous variety is the one that is grown in Asia. Sumatra and Komoto are two areas in Asia that are known for growing Robusta beans. They include higher volume of coffee. For they include less oil, they are more bitter in taste and fairly more acidic. Robusta is cheaper than Arabica and they are used in some of the finest espresso blends like Kona and Java.

Then, there are varieties types of coffees that are made by these coffee beans. There are delightful blends of coffees to choose from. Some of the different ways in which these coffee beans are assorted and prepared are:

1. Espresso: It is made by forcing water through tightly packed, finely ground coffee. Water is passed through a certain degree of pressure in the coffee. It is generally served in small cups of two ounces. It has powerful taste and higher caffeine content than the regular coffee.

2. Cappuccino: It is a drink combining espresso, warm milk and frothy milk. Cappuccino is served in larger cups ranging from about six to twelve ounces.

3. Latte: It consists of espresso and warm milk. Generally there is foamed milk atop of the latte but a very thin layer. Latte possesses a much smoother texture than cappuccino.

4. Turkish coffee: It is prepared by boiling extremely finely powered coffee in a pot. No filter is used while brewing Turkish coffee. It is much stronger than the normal coffee and comparatively stronger than espresso.

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